Project 2

Project Visualization

To me art is something that makes you look not only once or twice, but all over. Until you either get lost in the creativeness or  understand  the technical difficulty.  I feel that I have yet to accomplish such a work in my photography.

In this final presentation I will not have a constant story line, but I will have a natural and whimsical flow. Models will be a necessity as I will need them as my main focal point. I will create a realm of fantasy with dramatic make-up and wardrobes. Most of the photos will be taken outdoors as this will give them an authentic appeal. The natural sunlight is also a bonus.

My intended audience is anyone from young to old who has a colorful imagination or lacks imagination and likes to see the work of others. My work could be viewed in fashion magazines and other places where make-up and fashion is emphasized.

The time it will take to finish the work is unforeseen  and nearly impossible to predict. I once planned a shoot for almost two months, spent countless dollars and spent at least  2 full days prepping and shooting. I ended with maybe one or two decent photos.  Another time I had a last minute inspired photo shoot and ended with at least five photos that I love showing. Total time spent, less than three hours. Time is always going to be iffy.

I draw inspiration from photographers such as Anne Leibowitz, Patrick Demarcheleir, Nigel Barker  and many different images that I’ve seen on Instagram. For make-up I go to a website called Beautylish. This website has tutorials and images on all types of hair and make-up.

At the moment I have a clear image of one photograph and I am currently working on accomplishing it. First, I bought a dress that is sheer but also green. Then I looked up the different aspects of the zodiac signs and found that Virgo is the best match. I will focus on nature and the Virgin. My model will have light make-up and flowing hair. She will radiate innocents with a come hither smile. After the photo shoot I will use photoshop to tweak the photo, followed by the finishing touch of Lightroom.

I hope to create  a portfolio worth showing by the end of this class. Although, like a language it will ever be changing.


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